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C.H.S. provides a Free 14 Point Home Energy Assessment that helps discovers the current performance condition of your Home's Building Envelope. We will use professional measuring equipment to evaluate 14 major areas of your home. The information we gather allows you to understand the effectiveness and the balance of the home's envelope and develop an affordable game plan to make any necessary corrections. We will also be able to discuss any tax credits or incentives that might be offered through your local utility service. These credits and incentives can be a great way to help pay for some of the corrective measures that are needed for your home. These measures will help your home in many ways. You can lower the home's energy usage which reduces your utility bill, stabilizes your home's controlled interior climate increasing the home's comfort level, minimizes heat build up that can cause deterioration and premature aging of shingles and other related building materials, help remove unwanted or excess moisture that can lead to mold and mildew, and become more aware of your home energy usage.

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We will need access to your attic. We do not necessarily need to gain full access to take the measurements, digital thermal readings, and informative pictures that are needed for this assessment. We will need your most current utility bills for evaluation. we will be conducting a energy usage evaluation survey, so we ask that all interested parties be available during the assesment.

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