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"The Perfect Attic System"
C.H.S. has partnered with Eshield Energy Management Systems to offer a New Complete Comprehensive Attic Insulation System. Our relationship has grown over the many years through our direct dealrship program. C.H.S. has always provided Eshield Insulation Products with Factory Direct Pricing and Certified Installation. Our Relationship and our partnership has grown as new technology and insulation processes have rapidly developed. We are excited about this new program that will provide our customer the most advanced attic insulation system for new and existing homes throughout Central Illinois. This program will be marketed and serviced by and through C.H.S. and installed by the Eshield Installation Team. This is National Factory Installation with Local Service before, during, and after the installation. We will continue to provide all of the same products and installation services for our traditional Energy Make-Overs which will still include many of the Eshield insulation products installed by Our Certified Installation. So depending on your home and your budget we will be able to help fight the rising costs of energy and help you in your journey to have a Energy Smart Green Home. 
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"The Perfect Attic System" by Eshield is comprised of four major areas.
1. Computerized Attic Air Sealing
The Eshield Team will air seal all required cracks and gaps in the attic floor. They will do this will using specialized equipment to find all of the air gaps as well as avoiding making the attic to air tight.
2. Code Compliant Eco Insulation.
The Eshield Team will blow in the Special Eco Insulation to a thickness that meets your local energy code requirement. This insulation is a high density fiberglass insulation that doesn't settle as much as traditional fiberglass or cellulose insulations. You will receive a Lifetime "R" value guarentee from EShield. This means that if your insulation would fall below the required thickness, Eshield will install more insulation to bring you back up to code at no expense to you. This is only available through the PERFECT ATTIC SYSTEM installed by ESHIELD INSTALLATION TEAM.
3. Installation of ESHIELD Reflective Insulation.
The Eshield Team will install Reflective Insulation to all of the rafters, knee walls, and gable ends of the attic. Eshield refelective insulation reflects up to 97% of the radiant energy trying to enter or leave your home. The product is made with 99% pure aluminum surface so that it will not rust or corrode and will continue to work as long as you own your home. This is the most inovative and advanced insulation you can get for the home. This will protect your home from unwanted heat in the summer and unwanted heat loss in the winter. Your attic is responsible for more than 50% of your homes' energy loss. The Eshield Insulation will perfect your attic's performance the first day it is installed.
4. Installation of the NEST Thermostat.
The Eshield Team will install a new state of the art Nest THermostat. This is one of the most inovative smart technologies you can add to your home. This thermostat has the ability to learn your habits to not only save you money in energy usage reduction, but also help maintain a comfortable home year round. The nest can be used in almost every home. However, if the nest can not be installed you would be immediately mailed a refund check of $250.00.